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A Bit About Us

Steve has been a serving defence member for the past 19 years, having extensive experience within multiple corps' and units within Army. He has been an Administrative Clerk for many years and has developed his core competencies in his field during that time. Steve has also worked as an Administrative Manager within the private aviation cargo sector.

During his career he has gained extensive training, ranging from OHS, Data Security and Analytics that can be advantageously utilized. Steve is trained to work in a high compliance and demanding atmosphere and has honed his abilities to work competently and accurately in a demanding field. 

Bianca is a qualified licensed customs broker and is NCCC & AEPCOMM quarantine certified. Bianca has been in the industry since 2013, having worked in various roles in imports, exports, domestic transport, project management, 3PL warehousing and customs.
Gaining qualifications in International Business, Marketing and Customs Brokering. Bianca’s strengths lie in looking at the individual clients supply chain issues and creating tailored solutions to assist in all aspects of supply chain, with a genuine passion in assisting new entrepreneurs and businesses new to importing into Australia. 

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